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As we discussed in a previous post, Mental Training is a vital part of our philosophy here at Jaeger Sports. One of the most vital parts of our Mental Training is THE PROCESS.

The process has become more and more widely used in sports. It seems to be a go-to response for players, coaches, and organizations: “We are trusting the process.” It has almost become a taboo, robot-like response and we can not lose the tremendous value that the definition of the process has.

What is the process? In athletics today it can be used in a number of different ways but for us the Process comes down to the individual and their ownership of their own Process. We spoke briefly about this in our Mental Training post but we feel it is so important that it can not be touched on enough.

YOUR PROCESS is a series of three or four things that you can control regardless of the circumstance or situation. In other words, what do you have control over on every single pitch, with every single shot or on every single play.

We like to encourage our athletes to start the process off with a deep breath. We have the ability and control, no matter the circumstances, to take a deep breath. Besides being extremely beneficial health and performance wise, the breath can be a great reminder and tool to draw our attention to the next steps of our process. We shared our example process for a hitter and a pitcher in our previous Mental Training post but it is important to do so again:

Process for Hitter: Deep Breath, See The Ball Well, Attack

Process for Pitcher: Deep Breath, Focal Point, Attack

These are examples that we have from our experience working with players. However, this is in no way a one-size-fits-all approach and you have to tweak it for what works for you depending on what task you are performing. One thing is for sure: having a go-to process in place will tremendously help with your mental game and put you in a much more advantageous position to succeed.

Define your PROCESS. Get GREAT at it. Don’t worry about ANYTHING else!

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