Is there anything more exciting than watching an athlete reach their full potential? These player testimonials reveal what that was like after incorporating Jaeger Sports products and training programs into their game. Keep scrolling to read about these baseball players’ experiences and reviews.

  • “The J-Band is a great tool for building and maintaining arm strength through the duration of a long season. I have noticed a significant difference in my velocity and arm strength. I also notice the difference going in to the later months of a season, as my velocity has not dropped from the beginning of the season."

    Clayton Kershaw
    Clayton Kershaw Pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers, 2011,2013, 2014 Cy Young Award Winner, and 2014 MVP Award Winner
  • J-Bands and Long Toss have been a huge part of my game. I didn’t know the exact way to strengthen my arm until I started the J-Bands and Long Toss program and now my arm feels better and stronger than it’s ever felt before.

    Matt Shaw
    Matt Shaw Shortstop, Chicago Cubs
  • “The Jaeger Long Toss Program and J-Bands has helped me build up my velocity over the years. I stretch out with my J-Bands before every throwing session."

    Lucas Giolito
    Lucas Giolito Pitcher, Los Angeles Angels
  • “The Hamels Foundation is excited to partner up with Jaeger Sports and their Arm Strength and Conditioning Program. Health, Strength, Endurance and Recovery Period are a priority to any players arm and that's why we've made the J-Band Program an integral part of our Pitching Camps. The Hamels Foundation.”

    Cole Hamels
    Cole Hamels Atlanta Braves, 2008 World Series MVP, Hamels Foundation PItching Camps
  • “My arm is at its best right now because of the J-Bands and Long Toss.”

    Luke Weaver
    Luke Weaver Pitcher - RHP, Reds
  • “Long Toss is a very important part of my daily throwing everyday. Getting out to 300 feet is part of my everyday routine to keep my arm feeling good. If I am not able to throw long distance I can definitely feel a difference in my arm. The Jaeger Long Toss program has totally helped my arm get in shape each and every season."

    Riley Pint
    Riley Pint Pitcher, Colorado Rockies Organization
  • “J-Bands are integral for my preparation and routine.”

    Tyler Beede
    Tyler Beede Pitcher, San Francisco Giants
  • “Being able to prep my arm with J-Bands and then going out and doing my Long Toss has never made my arm feel better. I've been feeding my arm for over 1 and a 1/2 years and I was able to top out at 97mph as a senior in High School because of it. If your a baseball player and you want a healthy and strong arm then J-Bands and Long Tossing are a must."

    Kodi Medeiros
    Kodi Medeiros Pitcher, Chicago White Sox
  • “The Jaeger Sports Arm Care Program has brought my pitching ability to new heights. Through the J-Bands, Arm Circles, Yoga, and Mental Training exercises I have seen my arm strength vastly increase within one years time while maintaining a healthy body. I now understand what is meant by becoming "one with your arm." All I can say is try the program and you will not be let down. God Bless."

    Anthony Bass
    Anthony Bass Pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays
  • "I remember my first introduction to Breathing/Meditation, J-Bands and Long Toss at the Jaeger Sports Camp as a 7 year old. As I have progressed throughout my career, I have found the importance of being able to relax, hear my breath and find a quiet place on the mound. And Long Toss has helped my arm not only get stronger over the years, but I've developed an appreciation for how the power and explosiveness that Long Toss translates on the mound."

    Hunter Greene
    Hunter Greene Pitcher, Cincinnati Reds
  • "I’ve been using J-bands and Long Tossing since I was about 13 years old and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Every single day that I throw I use my J-Bands to warm up. In the Off-Season I even use them as a strengthening exercise prior to starting my throwing program. Simply put -- J-bands and Long Toss are essential for my arm!"  

    Jack Flaherty
    Jack Flaherty Pitcher, Orioles
  • "I've been using the J-Bands for seven years and they have played a substantial role in my strength and conditioning program. They have also been an important part of my arm health, power and durability. J-Bands are an important part of my pre-game throwing routine and my workouts between starts. I would recommend J-Bands to players of all ages who want to improve their arm strength and endurance."

    Jack Leiter
    Jack Leiter Pitcher, Texas Rangers
  • “I J-Band everyday...I don't feel right without them!"

    Lucas Sims
    Lucas Sims Pitcher, Cincinnati Reds
  • “Jaeger bands and Long Toss has been a game changer for my career. My arm has never felt better!”

    Cayden Wallace
    Cayden Wallace Kansas City Royals
  • “The J-Bands and Long Toss throwing program allow me to best condition my arm and pitch at my top speed.”

    Monica Abbott
    Monica Abbott Pitcher, 2007 USA Player of the Year, 2008 & 2018 Olympic Team
  • “The J Bands and Long Toss Program really helped my arm strength, my velocity and my overall arm health. Its really helped me become the player that I am today. I would like to thank Alan and Jim for the hard work they put into working with me — they really care about the players they help."

    Tyler Skaggs
    Tyler Skaggs Pitcher, Los Angeles Angels
  • “The Jaeger Training Program has really developed me physically as well as mentally...the mental training and discipline you learn is exactly the thing that will enhance athletes not only in baseball but in life as well...being a pitcher the Long Toss Throwing Program is a great way to condition your arm and build arm strength."

    Michael Montgomery
    Michael Montgomery Pitcher, Kansas City Royals, 2009 Minor League Pitcher of the Year
  • “Jaeger Sports J-Bands and Long Toss have become essential to the Health and Strength of my arm. I encourage anyone who does an over the head sport to use J-Bands."

    Nick Burdi
    Nick Burdi Pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates