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Rehab Throwing Protocol

Rehabilitation after an Arm Surgery is a topic that is very near and dear to our hearts. Unfortunately, often times our first interaction with an athlete or their support group is after they have experienced an arm injury. This is a time where they want to prioritize Arm Care and come back from the injury feeling healthier and stronger than ever.

Rehabilitation Throwing is a very important process and we want to share some tools, tips and common mistakes in order to help maximize anyone coming back from an injury.

First and foremost each player need to realize that “Your Arm is the Boss.” During the rehabilitation process the athlete is the only one that can feel how the arm is responding to the workload it is being exposed to. For this reason, it is imperative once again to Listen to Your Arm.

Often times when a player has surgery they will get a throwing program guideline from a medical professional. One of the mistakes see made is once they reach the end of that medical throwing program they think they are ready to return to the mound or aggressive throwing. Completing the medical portion of the throwing program gets you back to square one where it is time to start the Base Building Phase. We recommend getting into great Long Toss shape before returning to the mound or aggressive throwing.

The bottom line is you need to substantially build up a base of health and strength after the arm has healed from the original injury. This takes 4-8 weeks for most of our athletes and more information can be found on this in our Off-Season Throwing approach. This will explain the base building phase and being optimally prepared for competition.

Listen to Your Arm. Your Arm is the Boss. Give yourself ample time to get healthy before competing.

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