Important Safety Video. Please Watch Before Your J-Band Workout

BE SURE that the Carabiner clip (the silver clip on the J-Band) is NEVER in alignment with your neck, face or head when doing ANY of the exercises.

PLEASE be sure that the J-Band Carabiner clip is ALWAYS fastened to an IMMOVABLE and SAFE anchor. A chain link fence (where the links intersect), for example, is generally a safe option.

Clip On The Fence Graphic

The J-Band is NOT to be stretched more than one-to-two feet of its original length — even for the strongest of students, because it can recoil with a great deal of force back toward you (in the event that the surgical tubing breaks, or breaks free from it’s fasten against). Increase repetitions if needed.

Keeping the J-Band out of the sun and away from your cleats (when not in use) will help maximize the longevity and safety of your J-Band. Upon noticing any cracks or cuts in the J-Band, replace it IMMEDIATELY.

The J-Band is not a toy and should not be used in any way other than the exercises that it is designed for.

View our safety video, Thrive on Throwing 2 and/or read our Exercise Manual before doing the exercises. Double check the clip placement before every exercise to make sure it is not aligned with the neck, face or head.

Notice: J-Band, J-Bands, J-Band Jr., J-Bands Jr. are trademarked by Jaeger Sports, Inc. as J-Bands.

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