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Present is defined as “being, existing, or occurring at this time or now; current.”

That is such a beautiful definition and perfectly describes a huge component we teach in our Mental Training. “Be Present” is one of our most used sayings and something that we are constantly reminding ourselves and our athletes to be cognizant of. 

Now, more than ever, it easy to get distracted with social medial, online rankings, and on and on with a list of variables that can take you away from what you should be focused on. This is why it is so important to have fundamentals in place to bring you back to the present moment; to BE PRESENT.

We have already done a JaegerSports U Written post on The Process. Being Present and The Process go hand-in-hand. The process is the instrument necessary to get you back to the present moment and get you focused on what you can control. We hear the buzzword sayings all the time in sports:

“Trust The Process”

“Control the Controllables”

“Committed to the Moment”

There are many others we could list here but these give us an idea of sayings that are all trying to get back to the same goal: committing to the present moment and worrying about what you can control. So how do we work on these principles?

1- The Breath

The breath is the number one tool we focus on in our Mental Training. It is the best and most effective tool to get you back to the present moment. Whenever the game (or life) speeds up on you, and you can feel things beginning to snowball, stop and take a deep breath. You will quickly realize how powerful a simple tool like the breath can be.

2- 3 Simple Steps

Pick 3 things that you can control at all times to fall back on whenever things speed up or you need to get back to the present moment. 

Deep Breath – Focus – Attack

The key is to not overcomplicate something that really is simple. You can control your Breath. You can Focus. You can Attack!

Alan Jaeger gets more in depth with our YouTube Mental Training talk here if you would like to dive in deeper. He also has his Mental Training Book, “Getting Focused, Staying Focused” that you can find here.

Commit to yourself, to your mind and to your quality of life. BE PRESENT!

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