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One of the most important topics we have discussed with our athletes over the years is Mental Training. Mental Training has become more and more popular and most, if not all, high level athletes and high level programs implement some form of training for the mind.

Implementing or adding something new to your routine, like a Mental Training routine, can be difficult and overwhelming at times. That is why for years we have believed in keeping it simple whether it be with our Physical Training or our Mental Training. We believe in helping to lay the foundation for a program or an athlete and then letting them tweak it to optimize it for their success.

With that in mind, we keep our Mental Training very simple and it breaks down into two parts. The first part is the Philosophy: our principles for Mental Training. The second part is the Practice: how do we practice those principles for the mind on a consistent basis just like we do with ground balls, batting practice or any other physical performance.

Our philosophy in our Mental Training revolves around the Breath and being Process Oriented. The Process is something that an athlete can focus on regardless of the circumstances. It is something we can control at all times and get rid of the countless variables that come up during a performance or competition. A very simple example of a process would be as follows:

For a Hitter: Deep Breath – See The Ball Well – Attack

For a Pitcher: Deep Breath – Focal Point – Attack

You can see that the process is simple and that is intentional. The key is determining what works best for you. What three or four things do you need to focus on to put yourself in the best position to succeed? Focus on those.

Now how do we practice Mental Training? Breathing Exercises and Meditation. 

The breath is extremely powerful and is one of the most beneficial tools during competition. However, like anything else, if you don’t practice becoming familiar with your breath it will be nearly impossible to use it to your advantage when you need it.

Our Philosophy and Practice is broken down in our Mental Training YouTube Video and also in our book Getting Focused Staying Focused. These are great resources to get you started on a Mental Training routine that you can customize for your own optimization. The key is consistency as it is with any other practice.

Take care of your mind so it can take care of you!

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