These coach testimonials speak volumes about Jaeger Sports. In fact, they are more than just testimonials. These coaches give you a scope of what we’re all about, what we’re passionate about, and how Jaeger Sports has improved their teams. You’ll find out what their experience has been with our popular J-Bandsthrowing programs, training programs, and more. Keep scrolling down for their recommendations.

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  • "Jaeger Sports has shaped the foundation of our pitching philosophy here at Vanderbilt with J-Band work and Long Toss principles. These 2 areas are implemented into each individual’s routine and the pitchers are passionate about both. Because of this I believe these 2 areas are crucial to the individual development of each pitcher."

    Scott Brown
    Scott Brown Pitching Coach, Vanderbilt University, 2014 National Champions
  • "With over 20 years of experience of coaching pitchers at the collegiate level, I have used different programs throughout the years. But for the past two years, we have used the Jaeger Bands and Long Toss Throwing Program on a daily basis. This program allows our pitchers to stay “healthy”, improve their individual development and build confidence. People ask all the time, “how and why can your pitchers throw every day", and our response is because “WE CAN”. Part of our pitching success over the past years is a direct correlation with this system."

    Butch Thompson
    Butch Thompson Head Coach, Auburn Baseball
  • I feel strongly about the Jaeger Sports' Long Toss Long Throwing Program -- nothing prepares a thrower for the exact loads of baseball except throwing maximally, and nothing provides the high level feedback of a well-constructed long toss program. I believe Jaeger Sports has spent as much focused time designing and observing athletes’ long toss program as anyone in baseball and at P3 we consider them a definitive ‘hands-on’expert.

    Marcus Elliott, MD
    Marcus Elliott, MD Director, P3 Applied Sports Science
  • It was very easy for me to become a fan of the Jaeger Sports' throwing program. In my mind, the most appealing feature of the program is that it allows the player to be intuitive with his arm and throwing - a lost art in today's game. The program gives the thrower the ability to measure his progress day to day, week to week, and season to season - what more could you ask for in a throwing program?

    Derek Johnson
    Derek Johnson Pitching Coach, Cincinnati Reds
  • "Long toss is an integral part of our throwing programs year-round. We've seen fantastic improvement in arm speed and overall athleticism on the mound since the guys started 'taking their arms for a walk.' We all owe Jaeger Sports a debt of gratitude for their work in getting long toss more and more accepted at all levels of baseball development."

    Eric Cressey
    Eric Cressey MA, CSCS, Cressey Performance - Hudson, MA
  • I had the opportunity to view the Jaeger Spots throwing program and came away very, very impressed.

    Brent Strom
    Brent Strom Pitching Coach, Arizona Diamondbacks | Former Pitching Coach, Houston Astros | 2017 World Series Champions
  • The Jaeger Sports program is unbelievable! We have had a lot of success here at USD and the Jaeger methods of training for peak performance are a huge part of our daily plan. The breathing program, pre-game hitting drill, and the "in the moment-get lost in the game" mentality is something that has translated into huge wins and championships! This is only for the serious player who wants to raise the bar for their own peak performance!

    Rich Hill
    Rich Hill Head Coach, University of Hawaii
  • The J-Bands are an everyday part of our program and a huge developmental tool for our arms.

    Roger Williams
    Roger Williams Pitching Coach, University of Louisville
  • In 2013 we introduced J-bands and Long Toss to our program and experienced an immediate impact with our pitching staff. Velocity, Arm Health and Endurance improved significantly throughout the year. Our pitchers have an intimate understanding with their arms and pitch with outstanding confidence.

    Mike Neu
    Mike Neu Head Coach, Cal Berkeley
  • We have incorporated J Bands and the long toss program philosophy into our daily routine here at Pepperdine for the past 5 seasons. The J Bands are a staple in both our pre and post throwing workouts and I firmly believe they are the reason our pitching staff has remained healthy, improved their range of motion, and increased their velocity. I highly recommend Jaeger Sports' philosophies and suggest that players of all ages make this throwing program a part of their routine immediately.

    Sean Kenney
    Sean Kenney Pitching Coach, University of Houston
  • I've admired Jaeger Sports and their program for many, many years. My big thing is that there isn't really a "mental game" and a "physical game." There's just THE game. When you cross the line at game time it takes every bit of you to win. Nobody gets that better than Jaeger Sports. You might wonder about the combination of arm care and development and mental training and yoga. But when you experience it you'll see no other approach really makes sense.

    Tom Hanson
    Tom Hanson Ph.D., Co-Author of Heads-Up Baseball
  • I can only say that the training protocols with Jaeger Sports are second to none. From the arm care and long toss to the mental training, this training provides everything that would be considered important to developing a pitcher whose arm is healthy, alive, free and loose. As part of my training with the students I work with, all sessions begin with Alan and Jim's arm care as we 'warm-up to throw' not throw to warm-up. I am proud to be part of Jaeger Sports and all the work they do to bringing out the best in pitchers and throwers.

    Jim Wagner
    Jim Wagner Jim Wagner's ThrowZone
  • Here at San Diego State we take our throwing program and arm care very serious.. With Jaeger Sports doing their clinic for our whole team it really opened our guys eyes and they have totally bought into the program.. After two weeks this fall, our guys are already seeing results.. This will be a yearly deal for us if Jaeger Sports is gracious enough to do it...we will be a better team because of you guys!

    Eric Valenzuela
    Eric Valenzuela Head Coach, Saint Mary's College
  • We started using the J-Bands at Appalachian State about three years ago and immediately began to see really positive results. This past season we integrated the Jaeger Long Toss program completely into our program with both our pitchers and positional guys. Our 2012 Appalachian State team posted a school-record 41 wins, won the Southern Conference Championship, and advanced to an NCAA regional for the first time in 26 years. Our arms, both pitchers and positional players, were the healthiest they have been in my 17 years as a college coach. As we progressed through the Jaeger program, I saw guys really embrace long toss and how it made their arm felt. Now that I am at Duke University, we certainly plan to integrate Jaeger Long Toss into our daily routine.

    Chris Pollard
    Chris Pollard Head Baseball Coach, Duke Univeristy
  • As a coach, I have incorporated the Jaeger Bands into our throwing program at Cal State Fullerton, Fresno State and now at UC Irvine. I have seen much improvement in the flexibility and strength in the pitchers shoulders while using the bands. The Jaeger Bands have been a big reason we have been healthy on the mound due to the shoulder exercises the pitchers are able to perform with the bands. I would recommend the Jaeger Bands as both a strengthening and stretching part of any pitcher's daily routine.

    Ted Silva
    Ted Silva Former Pitching Coach, University of Southern California
  • I am a firm believer in long tossing and have long tossed my entire baseball career. Going into my senior year of High School and getting ready for the draft I had learned of Jaeger Sports and their Long Toss and J-Band tubing program. I immediately bought into the program on a daily basis and it helped breed success during my senior season and got me drafted by the Blue Jays. I recommend this program and everything with it 100% because it can always be that constant in your baseball career.

    Dax Norris
    Dax Norris Pitching Coach, University of New Orleans
  • During our 2004 National Championship season while at Cal State Fullerton, our pitching staff was introduced to Alan Jaeger's (Jaeger Sports) long toss and j-band throwing program. I felt that our pitchers were healthier, stronger and more resilient throughout our season. I would highly recommend this program to any player that wants a healthy future in baseball.

    Dave Serrano
    Dave Serrano Head Coach, California State University, Northridge
  • The Jaeger Sports long toss and tubing program has simply changed the way players think about one of their most important baseball assets, their throwing arm. Both through arm health as well as the awareness of the need for proper conditioning Alan, along with partner Jim Vatcher, has introduced the idea of making players aware of the control and responsibility that they have to keep their arms and minds healthy and strong, insuring their own improved performance and longevity. Arm health is a must and this program is one of the aspects that helps build a strong foundation that will last throughout a player's career. I strongly recommend this program to anyone interested in taking the first step to a healthier arm.

    Perry Husband
    Perry Husband Author - Hitting Is A Guess Series & The Downright Filthy Pitching Series
  • I would urge any coach, any parent, any player to take up this program — start it today because you are going to see amazing results, amazing development and it's also going to prevent injuries.

    Gary Adams
    Gary Adams Head Coach (Retired), UCLA Bruins
  • Your J-Band, long-toss, and mental training programs that you helped us implement separated us from just another summer club to a program that develops their players to the maximum potential. The success stories (including 10 big-leaguers, 150 D1 players, and four 1st round picks) and healthy arms throughout the years can be attributed to following the Jaeger programs every practice, every game, and also on their own.

    Rob Bruno & Tony Crivello
    Rob Bruno & Tony Crivello NorCal Baseball
  • In my opinion, the #1 tool for developing arm strength, maintaining arm health and resiliency is a directed long toss program. The intent of the Jaeger Sports Long Toss Program would be to push, extend and train the thrower to develop his body and arm to its maximum throwing potential.

    Ken Knutson
    Ken Knutson Pitching Coach, Cleveland Indians
  • We have been using the Jaeger Sports program religiously and see good results! No gimmicks…..just healthy arms that are getting stronger!

    Mike Candrea
    Mike Candrea Head Softball Coach, The University of Arizona, 8 Time NCAA National Champions
  • Thank you for all your help with the Riverside CityCollege baseball program. You have been a great resource for our players and staff. Continue the great work.

    Dennis Rogers
    Dennis Rogers Former Head Coach, Riverside Community College
  • Using the J-bands and long toss program is the best way from me to promote healthy arms for my players year round.

    Jack Krawczyk
    Jack Krawczyk Former Pitching Coach, Arizona State University
  • Our team had the privilege to work with Jaeger Sports in California in August 2008. The long toss demonstration was extremely beneficial to our players always looking to improve their velocity as a position player and/or a pitcher. The routine gave our players the necessary discipline to focus on task when warming up and playing catch. Our players were also taken through a mental training discussion and exercise and it played a huge role in our second place finish at world cup in Japan. Playing in front of thousands of people at the world cup, it showed how important breathing and focus can be when dealing with pressure situations. We are very happy that our players were exposed to these strategies.

    Andre Lachance
    Andre Lachance Manager Baseball Operations, Head Coach Women's National Team: Baseball Canada
  • I was first introduced to the J-bands while working a camp at Cal-State Fullerton and was immediately drawn to them. I really liked the exercises a pitcher could perform but also their versatility. Since that time, I have made the use of J-Bands a part of my pitchers daily arm maintenance, and I firmly believe their usage is one of the main reasons they have remained healthy while at the same time improved their flexibility and range of motion. I highly recommend the use of J-Bands to all pitchers as well as position players.

    Marc MacMillan
    Marc MacMillan Director of Operations, Ole Miss University
  • The Long Toss Throwing Program has now been a part of our program for two years and I am thoroughly convinced that this throwing program and J-Band work out is the best way to condition players for the season. I have observed increases in the distance that players can throw the ball and increases in velocity. This throwing program promotes players' competitiveness as they attempt to increase the distance they can play long toss. Players really do look forward to "playing catch". Your Long Toss Program suits us well at Clovis High School. We will continue to implement this Long Toss program and J-Band work out as a constant in the development and maintenance of our players.

    James Patrick
    James Patrick Head Coach (Retired), Clovis High School
  • The Jaeger throwing program and mental training exercises have been a huge part of the success that the Trombly Baseball Academy has achieved over the years. Not only have I seen our players gain velocity and endurance from the throwing program, but their arms have remained healthy in the process. The mental training allows our players to compete with a clear mind and teaches them how to be more relaxed on and off the field. I strongly believe that the programs Jaeger Sports offer have helped our teams win, but more importantly they have helped prepare our players for the rest of their careers.

    Steve Trombly
    Steve Trombly Coach, Trombly Baseball
  • I was first introduced to the Jaeger Sports throwing program during my playing career and noticed the benefits immediately. Jaeger sports promotes not only arm strength, but mental and spiritual strength as well. The combination of long toss, tubing, and yoga/mental training helped both my arm and mind become stronger. This allowed me to perform in a way that I never experienced before becoming "Armed by Jaeger". As a collegiate coach in the Northeast, I feel that arm care is one of the most important challenges we face, and Jaeger Sports' throwing program has been instrumental in assuring that our pitchers not only become stronger, but also become healthier as the season progresses. I highly recommend the Jaeger Sports program to players and coaches at any level.

    Chris Celano
    Chris Celano Head Coach, University of New Haven
  • Jaeger Sports' J-Bands and Long Toss Throwing Program has become a part of our daily routine here at the United States Air Force Academy. It is amazing to see the progress of our guys in just a few months. Not only have they gained significant arm strength, but their recovery time has been drastically reduced. Jaeger Sports throwing program has shattered our players expectations and has given them the confidence to push their boundaries to achieve greatness and maximize their abilities as pitchers. Thank you for your passion and for what you have done for the game of baseball.

    Tim Dixon
    Tim Dixon Founder, The Mental Locker
  • With over 20 years in the baseball performance and rehab industry, it has been my observation that a well designed and executed long toss program is a necessary aspect of insuring proper shoulder/arm performance and care in all of my baseball players, no matter their position! For this reason, I highly recommend Jaeger Sports Throwing Program.

    Brett Fischer
    Brett Fischer PT,ATC,CSCS, owner of Fischer Sports in Phoenix, AZ
  • You can't play baseball if you can't throw. I've had the opportunity to implement the Jaeger Sports Throwing Program into our training with the Chinese National Team for the past few years. The results have been incredible. It's the best throwing program out there. Period.

    Jim Lefebvre
    Jim Lefebvre Chinese National Team, Former Major League Manager, Seattle Mariners, Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers
  • "J-Bands are the foundation of our throwing program and allow us to prepare for and play long toss without limitations. The significance of them and their development of our players cannot be overstated. They are THE tool that is necessary to prepare for all arm related activities. I can only imagine the impact they have across all sports."

    Nate Yeskie
    Nate Yeskie LSU Pitching Coach
  • Jaeger Sports and the J Bands have always been a big part of our program. Their insight on how to prepare an arm and how to maintain an arm is exceptional. All of our pitchers follow the band program daily and it has really helped our pitcher's performance. 

    John Savage
    John Savage Head Coach, UCLA Baseball, 2013 National Champions
  • The passion that Jaeger Sports brings to arm care is apparent -- their experience provides our organization with a unique and valuable perspective to pitcher training.

    Carter Hawkins
    Carter Hawkins Former Assistant General Manager, Cleveland Guardians | General Manager, Chicago Cubs
  • Jaeger Sports has helped me to build the foundation of what I believe in about Arm Care, Long Toss, and overall Mental Preparation. The J-Bands play a huge part but there is so much more associated with the Jaeger Sports model. I have and will continue to use Jaeger Sports as a vital resource for our pitchers.

    Matt Hobbs
    Matt Hobbs Pitching Coach, University of Arkansas
  • I plan to use Alan's approach in emphasizing a quiet and calm mind/body relationship.

    Jerry Weinstein
    Jerry Weinstein Coach, Colorado Rockies
  • As a Scout I would send every player and pitcher I come in contact with to work with Jaeger Sports -- wait a minute -- I already do.

    Steve Springer
    Steve Springer Founder, Quality At Bats
  • I can’t think of a better program to maintain, strengthen and unleash the potential of one’s arm than through the Jaeger Bands and Long Toss Throwing Program. Best in the business, hands down. 

    Kirk Saarloos
    Kirk Saarloos Head Coach, TCU
  • Jaeger Sports dedication to their message of Arm Health through Long Toss & J-Bands has allowed our pitchers to individualize themselves in their development. We use their protocols/products on a daily basis.

    Drew Thomas
    Drew Thomas Former Pitching Coach, Coastal Carolina University, 2016 National Champions
  • We set a record at the University of Arizona with 16 complete games, including 2 in the College World Series, and led all major conferences in the nation with complete games. I would have to say long toss and J-bands are strong factors as to why we go deep into games and have not had any arm issues this year.

    Shaun Cole
    Shaun Cole Head Coach, San Diego State University
  • Our goal is to have our pitchers able to perform at their peak performance levels under considerable work loads. That is where Jaeger Sports and their J-Bands come in. Every athlete in our program from my 9 year old son (who uses the J-Band Jr.) to our professional players who return in the off season, use the J-band work out on a daily basis. We whole heartedly believe that Jaeger Sports and their J-bands are a huge part of our overall success in maximizing our athlete's abilities and helping them realize their dreams.

    Ron Wolforth
    Ron Wolforth President & Owner The Texas Baseball Ranch, Houston, Texas
  • Cal State Fullerton introduced the Jaeger Sports throwing program with our pitching staff for the first time in 2004. We feel the program was very instrumental in helping us accomplish our national championship. Our pitchers became more educated on arm care, arm maintenance, arm exercises, and had more quality in their long toss program. We would recommend the program to any baseball team that is interested in reaching their potential.

    George Horton
    George Horton Former Head Coach, University of Oregon
  • Jaeger Sports is a complete approach to training -- Long Toss and J-Bands get well-deserved attention. Our players also develop performance perspective and skills, including the use of the breath to relax, and an understanding of how to balance aggressiveness with relaxation. Jaeger Sports prepares for more than just baseball.

    Greg Moore
    Greg Moore Former Head Coach, Saint Mary's College
  • There is no program better to maintain and strengthen a pitcher’s arm. Jaeger Sports has shaped the foundation of our pitching philosophy here at UNC with Long Toss principles, and arm care.

    Scott Forbes
    Scott Forbes Head Coach, University of North Carolina
  • I would like to say that the Jaeger bands have provided more than just exercises, they have become an integral part of our daily routine as a pitching staff. We use them before and after we throw and have incorporated them into our cool down a well.

    Drew Keehn
    Drew Keehn Arizona Western College
  • Breathing is as natural and as essential to life as Jaeger Sports is to their players and performances. I have come to know and respect Jaeger Sports as an organization built on principles and has the awareness and the unique talents to combine the physical with the mental. Jaeger Sports passion and genuine interest in people and their performances make them the REAL DEAL....SPECIAL and INSPIRING. Their track record of success over time indicates their technique and methods are universally effective. Allow Jaeger Sports to help you and be your 'compass' to excellence while you sit tight and enjoy your trip to peak performances.

    Paul Niggebrugge
    Paul Niggebrugge Coach/Clinician/ President, Be your Best Academy
  • The Jaeger program for arm strength and conditioning is the gold standard in baseball today. We incorporate the Jaeger program on a year-round basis because the results are powerful. Coaches--if you are serious about protecting your athlete's arms and increasing strength and durability, you simply must adopt this regimen. Athletes--if your high school, college program or MLB organization does not offer this program, adopt it yourself and do it immediately. You'll be thrilled that you did.

    Bill Kernen
    Bill Kernen Former Head Coach, California State University, Northridge
  • It was special to have Jaeger Sports work with the Santa Barbara Foresters . We had them out twice, covering Mental Training and their Arm Strength/Conditioning Throwing Program. The results were almost immediate for both our position players and pitchers. The excitement that this program created was infectious. Our players were enthusiastic and had purpose. Our players have tools that they can now take with them for the rest of their careers.

    Bill Pintard
    Bill Pintard Manager, Santa Barbara Foresters, Two Time NBC National Champion
  • Our players have extensively used the J-bands for many years and the results have been overwhelming. We have had many high draft picks and college recruits with strong arms and the one thing they all had in common is they were all J-band users. The ability to throw for a longer distance and more velocity is very apparent. How great our players feel after an outing and the lack of soreness is a major factor in our belief the J-Bands work. Our entire program has bought into the Jaeger system.

    Michael Viera
    Michael Viera Coach, San Gabriel Valley Arsenal, 2010 A.A.B.C Coach of the Year
  • The Jaeger Throwing Program will provide the proper bio - mechanical foundation needed to develop and sustain your throwing motion. A healthy arm, that maintains stamina, is one of the most valued traits when college coaches are evaluating pro spects. Invest in your arm, you've earned it.

    Sue Enquist
    Sue Enquist Former UCLA Softball Coach, 27 years, 11-time National Champion, 5-time Hall of Fame
  • Alan offers a holistic approach to peak performance training for mind, body and skills.

    Rick Peterson
    Rick Peterson Former Pitching Coach, New York Mets
  • Jaeger Sports and their J-Band and Long Toss Throwing Program have made a tremendous impact on our pitching staff. Our Arm Care, Arm Strength, Endurance and just overall Performance has been quite noticeable since putting this program to use! If your serious about the performance of your pitchers on a daily basis, this is the program you need.

    Andy Lopez
    Andy Lopez Former Head Coach, University of Arizona, 2012 National Champions
  • We have been using the Jaeger Sports' Arm Care and Long Toss Throwing Program for years. We first starting using this system to increase velocity, however discovered along time ago that it promotes arm health as well. We feel our guys are stronger because of what we do, and attribute quite a bit to our Long Toss Program.

    Ron Eastman
    Ron Eastman Head Baseball Coach, The Woodlands High School (Texas)
  • After seeing the progress my son Ryan has had with the J-Bands, I can only hope every young baseball player and those who are veterans will use them and the program that Jaeger Sports has developed. Their new "Long Toss" program has improved arm after arm and moved each player closer to their goal. Simply, Jaeger Sports takes you to where you want to go!

    Steve Garvey
    Steve Garvey Los Angeles Dodgers/San Diego Padres, 1974 MVP, 10 Time All-Star
  • I've seen where Alan has taken a fringe, high school pitcher and turned him into a Division I caliber pitcher. If a kid is serious about baseball, this program will definitely increase his velocity and arm strength.

    Dale Sutherland
    Dale Sutherland Former Scout, Los Angeles Angels
  • Our athletes understand that you cannot compete for playing time and improve on a daily basis when you are injured. The J-Bands and Long Toss program help to keep our players healthy and provide them with the basic building blocks they need in order to develop the arm strength required to compete at the highest levels of baseball. As we say at Harvard-Westlake, Band it Up!

    Matt LaCour
    Matt LaCour Athletic Director, Harvard-Westlake High School
  • The potential for throwing development in regards to strength and endurance is phenomenal. We have seen Arm Strength improve in our students at our Academy almost instantly. Each player should use the Jaeger Sports Arm Strength and Conditioning Program.

    Darrell Miller
    Darrell Miller VP, Major League Baseball
  • No other program that I am aware of allows the player to transfer the intent of long toss (to throw harder, with more intensity while minimizing stress on the arm) into the intent of throwing harder on the pitching mound and playing field...and this is the power of the Jaeger Arm Strength and Conditioning Throwing Program.

    Paul Nyman
    Paul Nyman Founder,
  • The J-Bands and Long Toss Program from Jaeger Sports has been an integral part of our preparation, recovery and general arm care. What I experienced this summer as the pitching coach/director for the NorCal baseball program was something I have never experienced in my 20 plus years of baseball. Our U-15 national team used the J-Bands and Long Toss Program before each workout/game and the post throwing J-Band program after each workout/game. The results where phenomenal. No arm problems, kids/arms got stronger and the recovery time for our pitching staff after throwing 80 plus pitches was one day. Before we started the program we had players that could not recover in three to four days and position players with sore and tender arms after long tournaments. The J-Band and Long Toss program has made a major impact on our players' and our program.

    Paul Benzer
    Paul Benzer Pitching Coach, Norcal Baseball Program
  • I've never seen a greater improvement of arm strength and confidence after a fall season in my 20 years of coaching as I did this last fall. We had 5 guys pitch in the 90's and 4 guys sit 88-89 during scout day last week. That's great, but the greatest part is our guys feel great about their stuff -- not just their fastball. Confidence and swagger have returned to the staff. Our guys trust and are committed to this preparation. Jaeger Sports knows their stuff...I am glad and my pitchers are glad too.

    Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor Head Baseball Coach, Chico State University
  • In regard to the Jaeger Throwing Program (Long Toss , J-Bands , etc.) I truly believe that there is NONE better! I want the best for my clients, or others that ask for my opinion, and that's why I frequently talk about your program.

    Kerry Rosenboom
    Kerry Rosenboom Head Strength And Conditioning Coordinator, Wichita State University
  • I have been teaching the Jaeger Sports throwing program to youth and high school players for the last 12 years. It is simply the most powerful and effective system that exists today, combining an in depth warm-up routine with a long toss protocol that respects a player's arm while maximizing its health, endurance, strength, power, and flexibility. I highly recommend this unique system to every baseball player of any age interested in reaching his full potential.

    Paul Horan
    Paul Horan Princeton Baseball Academy
  • This is the best long toss program to develop health and velocity -- all my pitchers use it....I've never had an injury with guys that do this religously. It's the real thing.

    Mike Evans
    Mike Evans Former Pitching Coach, New Mexico State
  • We introduced the Jaeger Sports throwing philosophy to Notre Dame's pitching staff at the start of the 2009 Fall season, and we have already had great success. Both the players and the coaches feel better about our team's arm health and strength. Since implementing this program, we have already noticed a decrease in the number of chronic, overuse type arm injuries that we typically see during the Fall season because of the constant weather changes here. It has been a pleasure to work with Jaeger Sports and look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.

    Scott Stansbury
    Scott Stansbury MA, ATC, Athletic Trainer, University of Notre Dame Baseball