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We have reached yet another Summer and many athletes are moving into the Off Season. Their season has come to an end and it is time to consider the plan-of-action to prepare the mind and body for next year.

The Off Season can look completely different based on the athlete and it is important to consider what the number one priority is going forward. This is where communication is key between the athlete, coach, trainer, parents, etc.

Are you focusing on getting repetitions in games? If you are a pitcher do you need to face hitters? If you are a hitter do you need live at bats? These are some of the factors to think about when planning your Off Season routine. Often times, an athlete needs to focus on working out, mental training, arm care, arm strength or a number of individual training regimens.

For us, the Off Season is one of the most exciting times because the athlete can control a lot of their training and focus on their specific needs. They can work on their routine and get a great feel for their body and what puts them in the best position to succeed. The key is to be aware that the Off Season is an OPPORTUNITY. You can get to know your arm and body and what you need because you control the variables and environment. You can also optimize your Mental Training and tweak your entire repertoire to be at your best when the next season comes along.

Our 3 keys to the Off-Season:

1: Clearly Define Your Goals for the Off Season

2: Enjoy the Process of Tweaking Your Recipe for Optimized Success

3: Embrace the Opportunity that the Off Season Brings for Mind/Body Awareness

We clearly identify how to properly implement Arm Care, Arm Health and Arm Conditioning all year long, including the Off Season, in our Year Round Throwing Manual. You can get a great idea on what to do based on the time of the year in this step-by-step guide. We also have our free articles, Off Season Throwing Program and Off-Season Throwing Program for Inclement Weather Climates.

Another cool tidbit you might find interesting is this perspective on the Off Season from Max Scherzer in this article here.

“Whenever I shut down my arm, whenever I actually stop throwing, that’s when my arm hurts the most.  Everything just doesn’t feel good, so I literally throw year-round.”

— Max Scherzer

Trust the process. Embrace the opportunity of the Off Season. #FeedYourArm



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