We can not overstate the importance and value we place on our Mental Training Program here at Jaeger Sports. There is no doubt that physical talent is essential and important to an athlete’s success. However, we believe the Mental Skills, which are taught in our Mental Training Program, will ultimately be what separates athletes as they move through their journey in athletics, training, and in life.

“Trust the Process.” Alan Jaeger

The Jaeger Sports Training is broken into two parts:

1. Philosophy 2. Practice

The Philosophy is the “Why” we do what we do and the foundation to the principles. The practice is the “How” we work on the Mental Game. The beautiful thing about the Mental Game and Mental Practice is that the concepts are simple. The difficult task is developing a DAILY Practice Plan and sticking to it over a long period of time.

Alan Jaeger has broken this down in great detail in his book, Getting Focused, Staying Focused.


Getting Focused, Staying Focused by Alan Jaeger

This  book breaks down the Jaeger Sports Philosophy AND How to practice it on a Daily Basis. We feel it is absolutely essential to not only have concrete principles and philosophy behind a Mental Training Program, but to also have the tools to practice what you learn on a daily basis. Getting Focused, Staying Focused accomplishes both of these goals.

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