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One of the most common questions we receive from our great community is about In-Season Long Toss. People are commonly questioning whether or not players or pitchers should Long Toss before a game. The common theme is that individuals are worried they won’t have enough left in the tank for the game if they stretch out their long toss prior to first pitch. For this reason, they take a “save your bullets” approach and often times are not optimizing their arm’s performance on a given day.

In our program, once a strong Long Toss foundation has been built, we find that our athletes have some of their best Long Toss days on the day of their games. The key is that each individual athlete listens to their arm. In order to optimize any pregame routine there needs to be a trial and error process to find what works best. This applies to players and coaches. Coaches tweak the pregame routine until they find something that they believe puts their team in the best position to win. This is the same with players and their pregame Arm Care and Conditioning.

Figuring out the pregame routine should be looked at as a fun process for each player. It is about figuring out what you need to do to feel your best and get the best out of your arm and body on any given day. We have a system that we have refined through over 25 years of experience with athletes and their experience. We have laid that out in our Year Round Throwing Manual and really dive into how to take care of the arm throughout the entire year. This includes Off-Season build up as well as In-Season routine. You can find all of that information in the link below:

Year Round Throwing Manual

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