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When you hear Arm Circles what do you think of? Do you think of a vital part of an Arm Care and Conditioning Routine or do you think of a time to relax, banter with teammates and look at who is in the stands on a given day?

The truth is, Arm Circles can be one of the most important parts of an Arm Care routine. Arm Circles are the first station in our three station Throwing Program and there is a reason why. When Arm Circles are done correctly, they provide tremendous blood flow and heat to throwing specific muscles in the arm and shoulder. It lays the foundation and sets the tone on a given day for putting your arm in a position to train in a healthy way.

A great way to think about Arm Circles and what they do for an arm is to compare the process to your legs and what you do to prep for a sprint. You would never consider running a 40 or 60 yard dash for your best time ever without doing some sort of stretching, jogging, striders, etc.

So why would you consider picking up an object to throw it without first prepping your arm for the act of throwing?

The Arm Circles are stretching and jogging for the arm. Our J-Bands™, done after the Arm Circles, are the continuing jogging and prepping the arm for throwing. Long Toss is optimized and most beneficial when a successful base of blood flow, heat and movement has been established and for us it is established with Arm Circles and the J-Bands™ exercise routine.

Our entire Jaeger Sports Throwing Program including the Arm Circles, J-Bands™ and Long Toss Throwing Routine are covered in great detail in our Thrive on Throwing 2 Video. In this video you will see that Arm Circles are much more than an informal exercise to just pass the time for the game.

You have one arm and one career. Prioritize your health. Take care of your arm and it will take care of you!

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