The foundation of our Physical Training at Jaeger Sports is Arm Strength and Conditioning. In order to train, increase performance at any physical skill, and increase arm strength for baseball, you have to be healthy. We have focused on Baseball/Softball throwing and arm preparation but the same principles and foundation can be applied to many other sports.

“Your arm is your life line as a player – it can either be an asset or a liability. Be Proactive – it is one of your five major tools, treat it that way!”

The Jaeger Sports Throwing Program is designed to optimize Arm Health, add Throwing Velocity and Arm Strength for baseball, and also increase endurance throughout implementation.

The Jaeger Sports Throwing Program is broken down into three parts:

1. Arm Circles 2. J-Bands™ 3. Long Toss

The Arm Circles are designed to prepare the arm and body for the J-Bands™ and prepare the arm and body for the Long Toss. The Arm Circles increase blood flow, range of motion, heat and many other benefits that prepare the arm for the Throwing Program. The philosophy is similar to stretching your legs to run. You would never consider going into a full sprint without adequately stretching the legs. Likewise, we would never want an athlete going out to throw without fully preparing and conditioning the arm beforehand.

The J-Bands™ exercise program consists of 11 exercises that continue to prepare the arm to throw. The J-Band™ exercises also target the throwing specific muscles in the arm to prepare it to throw and increase arm strength in those Throwing Specific muscles. After the Arm Circles and J-Bands™ exercises are completed athletes are now fully prepared and warmed up to get the full benefits of the Long Toss Routine.

The Jaeger Sports Long Toss Routine consists of two parts:

1. Stretching Out Phase 2. Pull Down Phase

The most important principle of our Long Toss routine is that players listen to their arms. We would never impose a time or distance limit on an athlete as every player’s body and needs are different on any given day.

The principles and implementation guide for the Jaeger Sports Long Toss routine, as well as the Arm Circles and J-Bands™, can be found on our DVD Thrive on Throwning 2.


Thrive on Throwing 2

Thrive on Throwing 2 goes through the entire Jaeger Sports Arm Strength & Conditioning Program. It also identifies how to implement the Jaeger Sports Throwing Program in great detail.

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