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From the inception of Jaeger Sports in 1991 the relationship between Mind and Body has been very important to us and heavily emphasized in our training. When we previously hosted a Summer and Winter camp we would spend 3 of the 4 hours on a given camp day focusing on stretching, yoga and meditation. We believe heavily that flexibility and mind/body awareness can be the difference between a good career and a great career.

There is a given with the majority of athletes and the majority of athletic programs: 

-sport specific physical skills will be practiced

All players take batting practice. All players do fielding practice. This is a given and it has been this way for quite some time. There is obviously nothing wrong with this and this sort of practice is necessary for improving sport specific skills. The problem arises when this is the sole focus of the training and the physical well being of the body, and the mental well being of the athlete, is neglected or not worked on.

The good news: you can implement some minor changes as an athlete, parent or coach starting today and have a significant positive impact.

Here are 3 simple bullet points from us to help shift more focus to Mind/Body Awareness:

1- Make the simple choice to prioritize Mind/Body connection with the same priority level as your sport specific training.

2- Implement a 10 minute full body stretch twice a day as an athlete. As a coach, implement a thorough full body stretch into your practice plan and pre-game routine.

3- Implement a 10 minute breathing exercise/mediation everyday as an athlete. As a coach, implement a 10 minute breathing exercise/mediation into your practice plan and pre-game routine.

These are very simple steps. However, the impact can be astronomical as we have seen over the years with our athletes and organizations that we work with. 

Try it for two weeks straight and you will be shocked at the impact a small tweak to your repertoire has. If you need help or direction on how to implement a mental training or mediation you can access our free YouTube Video of a guided mental talk by Alan Jaeger here.

Prioritize your health both Mentally and Physically and see how good you can feel immediately!

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