Why Do Arm Circles?

Arm Circles are the first step in our three-step Arm Care and Conditioning Program. A lot of times when we mention arm circles, parents, players and coaches are a bit confused because Arm Circles sound simple. We want to explain exactly why you should do Arm Circles to start your Arm Care.

If Arm Circles are done correctly, and with the proper form and technique, the benefits for the arm are numerous and anything but simple. 

The main reason we do Arm Circles as our first step in our Arm Care routine is to make sure we get some heat and blood-flow to the throwing specific muscle groups. It is the same philosophy as stretching your legs before you run. You would never sprint without stretching and warming up your legs, so you should never throw without preparing the arm for the act of throwing.

Our Arm Circle Routine consists of two sets: 

  • Palms Down Going Forward
  • Palms Up Going Backward

Each set of the Arm Circle Routine Consists of nine checkpoints:

  • Small Circles -Quarter Circles -Half Circles -Three Quarter Circles -Full Circles 
  • Three Quarter Circles -Half Circles -Quarter Circles -Small Circles

We recommend starting with 8-10 reps at each checkpoint and taking a break between the two sets. Once you feel comfortable you can add more reps as desired or even hold a baseball in each hand during the exercise.

If there is attention on the proper form, and the Arm Circles are implemented correctly, the Arm will be much more prepared to move on to J-Bands™ and Long Toss. 

Take your time. Do Arm Circles correctly. Reap the health and strength benefits.

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