J-Bands™ Basics

The beauty of the Jaeger Sports Program has always been it’s simplicity to implement, to follow and to make your own. We are all about laying a foundation for an athlete or program and allowing them to transform the program into what puts them in the best position for success.

With all that said, we feel that there are a few basics with each part of our program that should be followed to optimize results. In this resource we want to cover some of the basics of our J-Bands™ and J-Bands™ Exercise Routine.

The J-Bands™ Routine is a Training Station

The J-Bands™ are not something you should rush through so that you can go throw. The J-Bands™ Routine is part of your training and you should commit to the routine through it’s entirety. Be Present while doing each exercise so that you can experience each and every benefit.

Base and Posture

Make sure that you have an athletic base and posture throughout the J-Bands Exercise Routine. This will ensure that your body is supporting your arm and that the proper muscles are targeted. Be athletic, be comfortable and commit to each movement.

Wrist Cuffs on Wrist   

A common mistake that we see is athletes doing J-Bands™ without putting the wrist cuff on. J-Bands™ are specifically designed with Wrist Cuffs so that you do not need to grab anything while doing the routine. When you grab onto something, like a handle or a ball, your arm becomes tense and there is unnecessary physical pressure. By wearing the wrist cuff while doing the exercises, you ensure a nice relaxed arm and body. This puts you in the best position to experience all of the J-Bands™ benefits.

These are some of the basics that will put you in a great position to success with your J-Bands™!

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  • mike Clark

    Well these bands work for volleyball players also? If so any specific exercises?

    • Jaeger Sports Staff

      Mike, thanks so much for the great question! They will absolutely work for Volleyball players. The whole J-Bands™ Exercise Routine is great for the whole body and designed specifically for overhand movements with the arm such as volleyball swings, etc. Hope that helps and thanks again! -China McCarney

  • Mike Dax

    Do you recommend doing the 3 Jaeger Arm care components (arm circles, 11 band exercises, long toss) before each practice and/ or game? If not what should be done before practice or game throwing?

    • Jaeger Sports Staff


      Great question! Yes, we recommend doing Arm Circles, J-Bands™ and Long Toss to start practice or before a game. If you have built up the routine in the Off-Season your arm will crave the program to prepare for the day. If you are starting the program, limit reps, tension, etc. so your arm and body can get used to the program gradually. It is a fun journey to figure out exactly what you need to prepare and perform optimally. “Listen to Your Arm” is our slogan and it is vital to success. Thank so much! -China McCarney

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