3 Parts of Jaeger Sports Throwing Program

The Jaeger Sports Throwing Program is easy to implement, time efficient and can optimize an athlete’s Arm Health and Arm Strength all year long. 

What does the Jaeger Sports Throwing Program consist of?

The Jaeger Sports Throwing Program is broken down into three parts and they are listed below with a brief description and explanation as to why we do each part:

  1. Arm Circles – Arm Circles are a great way to get blood flow, range of motion and heat to the throwing specific muscle groups. Arm circles are a great way to start a throwing program because they prepare the Arm for band work and for throwing. We do two sets of Arm Circles with one set being forward circles and one set being reverse circles.
  2. J-Bands™ Exercise Routine – Our Jaeger Sports J-Bands™ Exercise Routine is designed specifically for the Throwing Specific Muscle Groups. Our 11 exercise J-Bands™ Exercise Routine prepares the rotator cuff and other vital muscle groups to optimize an athlete’s preparedness for throwing. These first two steps are designed to prepare your arm for the act of throwing. You should approach these two steps accordingly. You would never run without first prepping your legs so you should never throw without first preparing your arm with Arm Circles and J-Bands™.
  3. Long Toss – Long Toss is our Throwing Routine that consists of two phases: the Stretching Out Phase and the Pull Down Phase. Each of these two phases promote several benefits:The Stretching Out Phase does exactly that — Stretches the arm out by throwing with a slight arc from the onset, and gradually increasing that arc as you move away from your throwing partner.This also promotes Relaxation, Range of Motion and Freedom in the arm.Our Pull Down Phase (if the arm is in great shape) is the strengthening phase of the Long Toss Program. It also promotes Arm Speed, Explosiveness and Intent.Both of these phase compliment each other, while also promoting several other benefits:Mind/Body Connection. Athleticism, Feel, Accuracy and Leg & Core Work.

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