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We are extremely grateful to also have Nunzio Signore and Nolan Rappé, two highly respected professionals in their field, offer a number of programs that can be used to supplement our Throwing Schedule. You will find an overview to each of these programs below, along with a link in their bio’s if you are interested in pursuing additional information from these incredible contributors (you will also find an outline of these programs after the completion of our Throwing Schedule).

Nunzio Signore: Strength & Conditioning

We are so grateful to have such an invaluable contribution from Nunzio Signore, who has had an incredible amount of success with his post-surgery return to training and throwing programs. His Strength & Conditioning Program is designed to supplement your physical therapy throughout the rehabilitative process, and his program places a major emphasis on the very early stages post-surgery to ensure that your body is well prepared once you begin your return to the throwing schedule. We highly recommend that you look into Nunzio’s program, and share it with your Doctor and Physical Therapist. You can find an outline of his program at the end of our Throwing Schedule, and a more detailed version of his program here:

Link: https://rocklandpeakperformance.com/rpp-baseball-tj-strength-training-program

Nolan Rappé: Ancillary Pre & Post Throw Arm Care:

We are so grateful to have such an invaluable contribution from Dr. Nolan Rappé, who is a Physical Therapist for SSM Health Physical Therapy in St. Louis, MO. A 2017 graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Nolan is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is certified in dry needling and is Functional Range Conditioning certified through Functional Range Systems. Nolan’s clinical specialty includes both conservative and postoperative rehabilitation of overhead athletes as well as strength and conditioning program design with an emphasis in baseball players. He utilizes systematic evaluations and progressions in combination with advanced mechanical analysis to individualize care and streamline return to competition. 

Link: https://www.fortifyperformancesystems.com/resources

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