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Notes Regarding Timeline of Throwing Schedule

Week 1: Starting on Day 1, you’ll notice that for the first 6 Weeks of our Throwing Schedule, the first increment of your throwing routine each day begins at 30 feet. You may find that this distance is comfortable for the first few weeks especially. However, you may find based on your age, arm strength, and the amount of pre-throwing Arm Care and Preparation you undertake (i.e. Bands, Plyos) that at some point in the Throwing Schedule, 30 feet may actually feel too close. In addition, because we are placing such a strong emphasis on arc throwing from the onset, you will probably notice that the ball will actually carry much further than throwing it on a line. If this is the case, feel free to start at, e.g. 40 or 45 feet, and simply add the recommended throws at the 30 foot increment to the new starting point. As always, listen to your arm and instincts.

Week 7: Starting at the beginning of Week 7 (Day 50), we encourage you to add in a 4th day of throwing. Keep in mind that this is an optional day, and is designed to be a relatively light day of throwing. However, based on where you are at in the throwing progression you may also want to treat it similarly to the other 3 days of the week with regard to workload. We believe that by Week 7, the need to “move the arm and body” and get blood flow and oxygen through the body with more continuity is vital and necessary. We believe strongly in the principle of Davis’s Law, that “soft tissue heals according to the demands that’s being placed on it”.

Week 11: Starting at the beginning of Week 11 (Day 78), you have the option after any throwing session to begin “Cooling Down” on the Mound at 45 feet in order to get acclimated to the slope. Please keep in mind that the tendency may be to throw with more effort “because” you are now on the mound. Therefore, be sure to err on the side of using less, rather than more effort.

Week 19: Starting at the beginning of Week 13 (Day 92), we encourage you to add in a 5th day of throwing each week. For the purpose of the progression of our Throwing Schedule, this day occurs on Tuesday. However, you may discover at this stage of the progression that adding a 5th day of throwing may occur on a different day based on your rhythm and recovery. As always, listen to your arm, body and instincts as to what feels right for you.

Week 20: Starting at the beginning of Week 20 (Day 134), we strongly encourage you to begin to Self-Regulate if you haven’t begun this process. This also marks the beginning of Modified Pull Downs.

Week 22: Starting at the beginning of Week 22 (Day 148), we’ll introduce Light, Medium, and Heavy Days of Throwing. This is also where we begin the Build-Up of Higher Intent Pull-Downs, the transition into the Mound Ramp-Up, and eventually, Live Pitching.

Week 28: Starting in Week 28 (Day 190), you will begin transitioning into your first, “In Game” Pitch Count Build-Up, which occurs on Day 194. Once you have established your first “In Game” outing, you will see additional notes as to the gradual build-up of “In Game” workload beginning Week 29. Additionally, you will see “sample schedules” to help you transition into a 5, 6, or 7 Day Throwing Cycle for Starting Pitchers, along with some protocols for Relief Pitchers (you will also see two corresponding links to articles for more information).

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