Jaeger/Sullivan Return to Throwing Manual & Schedule
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Questionnaire – Pre-Surgery Throwing History & Routine

In order to truly optimize the success of your return to throwing, it is of extreme importance to go over, in great detail, your pre-surgery throwing history. Not only is it vital to know such elements as distance and volume, but how you moved innately and athletically as a by-product of your throwing routine. In addition, any other types of training modalities you used with regard to Arm Care and Arm Preparation would be essential to note as well. All of this information is extremely important for you to utilize moving forward, and naturally, share with both your Physical Therapist and Pitching Coach.

Off-Season Build-Up

  1. How many weeks did it take you to get into peak shape prior to your first full intent bull-pen?
  2. On your more aggressive days, how far out would you go, distance-wise, regarding Long Toss (i.e. 120 feet, 240 feet, 300 feet, 330 feet, 330+ feet)
  3. How many days a week did you go out this far?
  4. How many years have you been Long-Tossing (if applicable)?

In-Season Throwing

  1. * What does your In-Season routine look like as a Starting Pitcher (5, 6, or 7 Day Cycle) regarding distance and volume for each day?
  2. * What does your In-Season routine look like as a Relief Pitcher regarding distance and volume each day?

* Please use approximate distance (feet) and volume measurements for each day

Long Toss

  1. Please Define Long Toss
  2. Did you typically throw with or without an Arc?
  3. How many days a week do you typically throw in the Off-Season?
  4. How many days a week do you typically throw, In-Season?

Please feel free to share any other information about your throwing routines or types of training you incorporated as part of your Arm Care and Arm Development

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