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Jaeger/Sullivan Coalition

  1. Kevin Barr, RSCC, RSRS, Former MLB Head Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, Rays, Marlins, Royals, Reds 
  2. Eugene Bleecker, Founder, 108 Performance
  3. Kyle Boddy, Founder, Driveline, Special Assistant, Boston Red Sox
  4. Deskeheh Bomberry, Pitching Coach, Sacramento City College
  5. Ben Brewster, Founder, Tread Athletics
  6. Jim Brower, Founder, Brower Baseball, Former MLB Pitcher & Pitching Coordinator, Chicago Cubs
  7. George Brown, Pitching Coach, St. Johns University
  8. Scott Brown, Pitching Coach, Vanderbilt University
  9. Will Carroll, Author, Carrol Guide to Sports Injuries
  10. Anthony Claggett, Pitching Coach, Wichita State University
  11. Woody Clifford, Owner, Sports West Performance
  12. Dan Cevette, President, Prep Baseball New York & Pennsylvania
  13. Dave Coggin, Founder, PFA Baseball, Pocket Path
  14. Shaun Cole, Head Coach, San Diego State University
  15. Rocky Collis, CEO, Team Mustard 
  16. Thomas Eager, Pitching Coach, Stanford University
  17. Seth Etherton, Pitching Coach, University of Southern California
  18. Aaron Everett, Pitching Coach, Jacksonville State University
  19. Chris Fetter, Pitching Coach, Detroit Tigers
  20. Drew French, Pitching Coach, Baltimore Orioles
  21. Rob Friedman, Founder, Pitching Ninja
  22. Dr. Ismael Gallo, DPT, OCS, Founder, Baseball Flows™
  23. Bryant Gaines, Pitching Coach, University of North Carolina
  24. Dr. Josh Heenan, CSCS, SFMA, Founder, Advance Therapy and Performance
  25. Chris Hernandez, Pitching Coach, University of Redlands
  26. Jason Hirsh, Former MLB Pitcher, Houston Astros, Colorado Rockies
  27. Matt Hobbs, Pitching Coach, University of Arkansas
  28. George Horton, Former Head Coach, University of Oregon, CSU Fullerton, USA Baseball, ABCA Hall Of Fame
  29. Steve Janssen, Founder #BaseballActionID, Former Head Coach, Dutch National Team
  30. Eric Junge, Pitch IQ Founder, Special Assignment Throwing Coach, San Diego Padres
  31. Jason Kelly, Head Coach, University of Washington
  32. Sean Kenny, Pitching Coach, University of Houston
  33. Eric Kibler, Former Head Coach, Verizon HS, ABCA Hall Of Fame Member
  34. Carl Lafferty, Pitching Coach, University of Mississippi
  35. Skylar Meade, Head Coach, Troy University
  36. Ricky Meinhold, Coordinator, Pitching Development, Toronto Blue Jays
  37. Jake McKinley, Head Coach, University of Reno
  38. Greg Moore, Founder, Sevenwins, former Head Coach, St. Mary’s University
  39. Deven Morgan, Director of Youth Baseball, Driveline
  40. Corey Muscara, Pitching Coach, Wake Forest University
  41. Mike Neu, Head Coach, University of California, Berkeley
  42. Christian Ostrander, Head Coach, University of Southern Mississippi
  43. Dustin Pease, Founder, Pease Baseball Professionals
  44. Sam Peraza, Pitching Coach, Arizona State University
  45. David Pierce, Head Coach, University of Texas
  46. Pat Pinkman, Former Pitching Coach, Seton Hall University
  47. Chris Pollard, Head Coach, Duke University
  48. Chris Prothro, Head Coach, Eastern Kentucky University
  49. Nolan Rappe, PT, DPT, CSCS, FRCms, Founder, Fortify Performance
  50. Josh Reidt, FAFS, Founder, Reidt Fitness Systems
  51. Kirk Saarloos, Head Coach, TCU
  52. John Savage, Head Coach, UCLA
  53. Jeremy Sheetinger, Head Coach, Georgia Gwinnett College
  54. Nunzio Signore, CSCS, CPT, FMS, Founder, Rockland Peak Performance
  55. Carl Stocklin, MS, ATC, UCLA Baseball
  56. Bobby Stroupe, CSCS, RSSC*D, Founder, Athlete Performance Enhancement Center (APEC)
  57. Drew Thomas, Pitching Coach, University of Central Florida
  58. Butch Thompson, Head Coach, Auburn University
  59. Nate Trosky, Founder, Trosky Baseball
  60. Max Weiner, Pitching Coach, Texas A&M University
  61. Lantz Wheeler, Founder, Baseball Think Tank
  62. Dr. Tyler White, Performance Therapist, Founder of Invictus & World Pitching Congress
  63. Ron Wolforth, Founder, Texas Baseball Ranch
  64. Robert Woodard, Head Coach, Charlotte University
  65. Nate Yeskie, Pitching Coach, Louisiana State University
  66. Ryan Yoshida PT, DPT, CSCS, Founder, Armored Heat
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