Jaeger/Sullivan Return to Throwing Manual & Schedule
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Randy Sullivan Blog: Overhauling early Post-Op Rehab: Floridabaseballarmory.com/rehab

In Season Maintenance: “Bridging The Gap: 5, 6, 7 Day Throwing Routines”: https://jaegersports.com/bridging-the-gap-making-a-safe-and-effective-transition-from-high-school-college-baseball-into-professional-baseball/

Relief Pitcher Protocols: https://www.abca.org/magazine/2018-1-January_February/Last_Inning_What_Pitching_Coaches_Probably_Forgot_to_do_This_Fall.aspx

E-book on recovery including info about Davis’ Law: Floridabaseballarmory.com/recovery1

Blog on the myth of “tendonitis”: Floridabaseballarmory.com/itis

Blog: How Not Long Tossing and Throwing Weighted Balls Could Get You Hurt: Floridabaseballarmory.com/longtoss

Crow Hop vs Shuffling — The Science behind it (Randy Sullivan): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=529jG4_xCnE&t=26s

Crow Hop vs Shuffling – Tread Athletics Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD-8-7BdTw8&t=1102s

Resources by Jaeger Sports: jaegersports.com

Resources by Randy Sullivan: Floridabaseballarmory.com/books

Return Support Group, Ian McMahon X (Twitter): @IanMcmahon

The Origin of the 120 Foot Throwing Program: https://jaegersports.com/the-origin-of-throwing-programs-mechanical-myth-post-rehab-throwing-advice/

Return Support Group

For anyone who is interested in joining a support group for players going through the Rehabilitation process, feel free to contact Ian McMahon. Ian has a great of experience in the rehabilitation field, and has built a great platform through his passion and platform to provide community, comfort and education for those who are navigating rehabilitation – especially those going through it for the first time – and are looking for support and resources through this process. For more information, Ian can be contacted on X at: @IanMcmahon, and you can also join “The Return” group on GroupMe. Here is the link: https://groupme.com/join_group/68621649/GZuiyi6d

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