Jaeger/Sullivan Return to Throwing Manual & Schedule
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There are so many people we wish to thank who have been instrumental with their support and encouragement throughout this process. This Manual and Throwing Schedule is a by-product of a great deal of input and feedback from so many incredible people in both the Coaching and Medical fields. We want to especially thank those who have joined our Coalition (see Coalition list on pages 26-28), along with the following people who have made direct contributions to this Manual: Ben Brewster, Ricky Meinhold, Nunzio Signore, and Nolan Rappé. We also want to thank Brittany Dowling for her help regarding the formatting of the first 12 Weeks of our Throwing Schedule. Words cannot express how grateful we are for everyone’s support.


The initial goal of our Throwing Manual & Schedule is to give you a great deal of clarity up front so that you can optimize the entire return to throwing process in the safest and most effective way. For this reason, in addition to the actual Throwing Schedule, we have also included a number of other resources, including a Note Section, a Glossary of Terms, Videos, Ancillary Programs, and a Questionnaire (regarding your pre-surgery throwing routine). We want you to be as educated and clear as to the meaning and purpose behind everything we do, and ultimately, you do. We’ve also gone into great detail to ensure that this entire process is user-friendly and adaptable to your individual needs. Please be sure to go over each of these sections a few times so that you are abundantly clear as to their meaning and purpose before starting the Throwing Schedule.

Application/Adaptation Based on the Type of Surgery

The following Throwing Schedule and Guidelines are based specifically on returning from a traditional Tommy John Surgery (10-11 Months). Because your needs for a Throwing Schedule may change based on other types of surgery on your arm (i.e., Internal Brace), the following guidelines and timelines may not be consistent with your particular needs. However, please keep in mind that the “core principles” of our Throwing Manual & Schedule can still give you a great deal of direction and insight as to the best way to navigate your return to throwing process. Especially in the case of a minor surgery, or even just taking time off to heal. In many of these cases, you may find it helpful to condense, especially, the first 10 Weeks of our Throwing Schedule that extends out to 120 feet, and then find that starting at Week 11, our Guidelines may align well with your throwing routine.

Also, the timeline of “when” to start your Throwing Schedule may vary from surgeon to surgeon anywhere from 4-6 months post-surgery. Please keep in mind that if your surgeon recommends a more aggressive start up after 4 months, you may consider an even more conservative approach to your Throwing Schedule. As with everything we recommend, please be sure to listen to your arm and instincts, and consult with both your Pitching Coach and Medical Professionals.

Trust The Process: Eliminate Target Dates

Often times, your return to throwing schedule will occur in some type of “season” – In Season, Summer Ball, Fall Ball, etc. So, you may feel a tendency to “rush” your process in order to “get back” in time to play in one of these seasons. Our strong advice is to “eliminate the calendar” of when you think you “could” be back, or “should” be back, and simply focus on the PROCESS of getting into the best shape of your life. This should be your only goal, rather than the “goal” to rush back according to a “target date”. Trust the process, and eliminate the calendar.

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