Why Do J-Bands™

The number one product we are known for here at Jaeger Sports is our J-Bands™. We have them in Junior for 12 years old and under and we have them in Adult for 13 years old and up. We have the Adult in solid colors and also in a Two-Tone ELITE version. 

So many colors to choose from, and you see them EVERYWHERE, but do you 100% why they are important to Arm Care and Arm Conditioning?

A lot of times players use a piece of equipment because they are told to by someone in a position of power or because they see a professional athlete using it. 

We want to explain the functionality and benefits of the J-Bands™ so you know exactly why we recommend you do J-Bands™!

Why Do J-Bands™?

  • The J-Bands™ Exercise Routine is SPECIFICALLY designed to prepare the arm for overhand throwing.
  • The J-Bands™ target the small muscles in the rotator cuff and arm to optimally prepare it for the act of throwing. This can not be achieved in the same way with static or other types of stretching.
  • The J-Bands™ Exercise Routine gets blood flow, heat, range of motion and other vital processes going in the arm to optimally prepare for throwing AND recover after throwing.

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