Jaeger Sports was founded in 1991 by Alan Jaeger on the principle that an athlete needs to address more than just their physical skills. As a Junior College Pitching Coach from 1990-1993, Alan began to implement a number of his core beliefs, including Mental Training, Arm Training & Long Toss. It was during this time that Alan began to write his book, “Getting Focused, Staying Focused”, which delved into the Mental part of the game and life, which to this day, is still a fundamental aspect of Jaeger Sports.

Not long after, Alan began introducing Yoga and J-Bands™ into the training regimen, and the Jaeger Sports infrastructure was born. Since 1991 Jaeger Sports has been dedicated to optimizing the athlete’s mind and body through Mental Training, Arm Care & Arm Conditioning.

The Jaeger Sports team is comprised of individuals that have lived the program and experienced the benefits first hand in their lives and in their careers. The Jaeger Sports Team is made up of Alan Jaeger (Founder), Jim Vatcher (Co-Owner/CEO), China McCarney (Vice President) and Zach Jaeger (CTO, Lead Instructor).

The entire Jaeger Sports Team is dedicated first and foremost to the development and optimization of each individual’s career. Trust the PROCESS!


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