Lower Body/Core Program


The Jaeger Sports Lower Body/Core Program takes the decades of experience we have with band work and Arm Care and Conditioning and applies the same Philosophy to the Lower Body and Core. We have developed a 9 J-Bands™ exercise routine that will help any athlete maximize their Lower Body and Core performance.

This a great program to do all year long to maintain proper range-of-motion, blood flow and of course add strength. This is an adaptable program that can be adjusted based on where an Athlete currently stands in their training program. Whether you are In-Season or Off-Season the Jaeger Sports Lower/Body Core Program will help you maximize your training routine!

The Jaeger Sports Lower Body/Core Program is a digital program that will be delivered via email upon completion of the order. You will receive the Lower Body/Core Program as well as the Lower Body/Core Exercise Sheet via email.

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