Listen To Your Arm

“Listen To Your Arm” – Alan Jaeger 

When individuals, coaches or parents hear us say “Listen To Your Arm”, they look confused. On the surface it can be a bit of a confusing statement. 

Do I put my ear up to my shoulder to hear something? That sounds hilarious. The answer to that is obviously NO but we want to explain how important this statement is to us.

Listen To Your Arm is the #1 Principle of our Throwing Program. All of our athletes and teams become very accustomed to us saying this to them and they quickly learn how valuable it can be to their Arm Health, Arm Strength and career. 

The basic premise behind this #1 principle of ours is only the individual athlete doing the throwing program can feel what is best for him/her self. There should never be distance restrictions, time restrictions, etc. put on a healthy arm. 

We encourage our athletes, coaches and parents to let the athlete exhibit individuality underneath the culture and structure of a team or program setting. 

Here are some key points to take away when it comes to our #1 principle, Listen To Your Arm:

  • Only YOU know how far you want to throw, how many throws you need, etc. on a given day.
  • BE CURIOUS: Explore with your arm and throwing program to figure out specifically what you need to be at your best.
  • Do Not Pre-Plan: Do not set time restrictions, distance restrictions or any other parameters on your healthy arm. Feed It!

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